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“What if good isn’t good enough?”

Vantage has been assessing leaders for 40 years. It’s how we started, and it’s at the core of everything we do. We know what great leadership looks like and our bar is set deliberately high.

We’re determined to ensure that our clients’ leaders drive significant enterprise change, attract and develop outstanding people, and consistently deliver extraordinary results.

We’re sensitive to changing business realities and the impact this has on leadership requirements across industries, and we will help you make sure you have the leadership you need now and into the future.


Talking about leadership is part of what we do. Send us a note to talk more.

Our work with leaders includes executive assessments, assessment centers, executive coaching, and leadership development programs. We also work with teams and organizations.

Girish Rishi
"Targeted and impactful team assessment, leadership development and executive coaching. There are firms that do that….and then there is Vantage."
Girish Rishi // Executive Vice President, North American Installation & Services, Tyco International