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Board of Directors Self-Evaluation

As recommended by the NYSE and Sarbanes-Oxley, Vantage provides an objective perspective into the performance of your Board, its committees, and its individual Directors.

Our process is tailored to fit your organization, designed to capture key findings regarding Board performance, and used to generate a qualitative picture of Board effectiveness. Rather than rely solely on surveys, we take an interactive approach to our evaluations. We interview each Director one-on-one using questions created in partnership with key stakeholders so that the conversations elicit answers to the most important questions.

Vantage provides a report summarizing the results in a clear and compelling manner, and facilitates feedback sessions. Following the sessions, the Board will have defined action items in order to improve overall effectiveness.

Vantage Board Self-Evaluations:

  • Offer an objective third-party perspective recommended by regulatory agencies.
  • Provide more in-depth information than typical paper-and-pencil surveys.
  • Are customized to the needs of each Board and their organization.
  • Encourage Directors to take ownership of the evaluation process and proposed outcomes.
  • Take Board members beyond the evaluation to provide concrete action steps for improving their contribution.
Jeff Fettig
"The Board of Directors of the Whirlpool Corporation has found Vantage Leadership Consulting to be an excellent partner for our self-assessment process. Professional in their interviews and objective in their analysis, Vantage has helped facilitate robust Board discussions on important issues, providing clear and actionable recommendations which we have implemented."
Jeff Fettig // CEO and Chairman, Whirlpool Corporation

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