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Culture Audits & Stocktaking

When might an independent “Stocktaking” of your culture or organization be appropriate?

From time to time we are asked to dig deep into an organization to better understand what’s really going on. Usually this is done during a period of significant transition – say a succession in leadership, or before or during a merger – when an unvarnished and objective snapshot is required.

In collaboration with our sponsor, our team will craft a set of questions and proceed to interview a selected sample of people. We are skilled in establishing up-front and confidential communication, and we can help determine who should be talked with and how to bring out their full story. Our findings are presented with an eye toward constructive action and long term value.

A Vantage Culture Audit can ensure:

  • A “full color” portrait of organizational health is established
  • The cross-section of participants feel listened to and personally engaged
  • Minor issues or the concerns of a small but loud fraction don’t mislead the overall story
  • The most relevant and important findings come to light