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Vantage Point: (noun). A position that affords a wide or advantageous perspective; a unique point of view

Two sets of Jenga blocks with a gap between them. A yellow game piece sits atop one stack and a black game piece atop the other.

What Do You Do With a World Divided?

Eboo Patel, founder of Interfaith Youth Core, has been tackling this question for over twenty years. IFYC is one of the classic greatness-started-in-the-garage stories most commonly seen out of Silicon Valley – although in this case, it’s less “building microchips …

Leadership Shelf Life

  The notion that leaders predictably decay like loaves of bread on a store shelf seems harsh, to say the least, but that’s exactly the suggestion made by one executive we work with. It is his view that there is …

Leadership Post-Recession

We recently moderated a conference for 80 executives, each somewhat battered and bruised by the economic downturn, but still, on their feet and mostly feeling more optimistic about the future. We asked them to reflect on the lessons they had …

The Irrational Organization

We’ve long made the case that organizations are inherently irrational places. There is a fundamental unpredictability of behavior that occurs whenever two or more people are asked to complete work together. Varying personalities, motivations, and experiences clash in surprising ways, …

Getting Succession Planning Right

This is the second part in our two-parter on succession planning. If you missed the first part last week, see below. With all the possible de-railers when it comes to a successful succession plan, how can leaders most effectively navigate …