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Vantage Point: (noun). A position that affords a wide or advantageous perspective; a unique point of view

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Innovation isn’t Magic, It’s a Process

by vantageleadership on

In an earlier Vantage Point blog post, we shared collective insights from many of our client organizations about the current challenges facing their business. These insights were summed up by the phrase, ‘our business model is under attack’.   Inherent in …

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Values in Action

by Richard McGourty on

The single most time-honored piece of advice ever given to a person is probably Plato’s “Know thyself”. If we apply it to organizations it would be “Know thy values”. What is a value? A value is a belief in the …

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Summer Reading: Work Rules!

by Lees Parkin on

We all have a stack of books somewhere that are unread. Some of them are for pleasure reading and some hold possibilities for enhancing our work. Work Rules: Insights from Inside Google that will transform how you Live and Lead by …

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The Human Side of M&A

by vantageleadership on

This blog is a condensed version of an in-depth article, Merger and Acquisition Integration by Ralph Mortensen, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. At a high level, merger integration has at least two dimensions: the mechanics of planning and executing business integration and the journey that …

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