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Vantage Point: (noun). A position that affords a wide or advantageous perspective; a unique point of view

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6 Tips for Delegating Effectively

by Eileen Linnabery on

Delegating effectively is not only an important tool for developing others, it’s also key to achieving results in a leadership position. As an individual contributor, one has to be self-reliant–completing tasks autonomously and relying on one’s own technical expertise to …

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From Peer to Manager: Tips for Success

by vantageleadership on

New managers may find themselves in the awkward, and sometimes difficult, position of being responsible for leading their former peers.  Where before it was nothing special to share lunch, socialize, trade opinions or even grouse, the new manager becomes a …

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The Delegation Conundrum

by vantageleadership on

A previous Vantage blog post, On Delegation: A Lens for Assessing Strategic Leadership, extolled the virtues of delegation in terms of its ability to simultaneously free up valuable time while developing the skills of the next generation of leaders. The importance of …

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Knowledge is Useful; Wisdom is Vital

by Duncan Ferguson on

As those of us in the Windy City know all too well, our Chicago Bears were a disaster this season. And while there were issues everywhere in the organization, the Bears problems could be tied directly to a leadership crisis. Two …

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Leadership From A Gen Y Perspective

by Kathy Kurnyta on

One of our consultants, Kathy Kurnyta, wrote this post following her recent attendance at a presentation by Gustavo Grodnitzky entitled “Understanding and Motivating the Millenial Generation”. Kathy, a Gen Y herself, has an interesting perspective on this topic that we …

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