Vantage Group


We stand with #BlackLivesMatter

As with so many others, we have been devastated to witness the latest in a series of violent acts against members of the African-American community. We support – and will fight for – justice, equality and cultural understanding, and we stand in solidarity with our colleagues at Vantage and the African-American communities both in Chicago and across our country.

As a firm, we will do more than what’s required of us to promote racial justice, and more than what’s required of us to promote opportunity for diverse people: those we serve, those we employ, and the broader community in which we live and operate. To this end, we are working internally with our Diversity and Equality Committee, which has taken some insights from this article in making sure anti-racism efforts in the workplace go beyond simple D&I initiatives. We suggest this as a resource in getting started.  Among other things, our committee is facilitating the sorely-needed honest and ongoing conversations we must have as an organization both internally and externally, based on the vast array of resources by Black activists and creators available to us.

Over the coming weeks and months – and beyond – our Vantage colleagues look forward to learning, and more importantly, to listening. We invite you to join us in this vulnerable, uncomfortable, and crucial work. We are eager to engage people with ideas and support organizations committed to promoting racial justice.  If you can, please consider showing your support by joining us in donating to the Chicago chapter (or your local chapter) of Black Lives Matter. And to our Black friends, family, and colleagues: We see you. We hear you. We stand with you.

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