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Executive Coaching

Developing leaders to reach their full potential is critical in today’s intensely competitive environment. Our seasoned coaches have advanced degrees in psychology and work with leaders from a wide range of roles and industries, both domestically and internationally, to accelerate development and equip individuals with the skills needed to significantly improve business and financial results.

Our Coaching Philosophy:

  • Vantage coaching accelerates development and delivers a significant and measurable return to the individual and the organization.
  • Coaching is a partnership between the leader and his or her coach, and the support of the leader’s manager is often crucial in order to optimize the benefits of the coaching investment.
  • Our coaching focuses on leveraging a leader’s strengths in order to increase the commitment, retention and most importantly, the performance, of talented professionals who want to fully leverage their capabilities and potential.
  • Our coaching prepares leaders for new roles and increasing business demands while addressing limitations that could stall a career, thus reducing the likelihood of failure and avoiding the cost (and turmoil) associated with replacement.

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We can also provide team coaching for accelerating performance, as well as team and executive assessments to help identify opportunities for development.

Weldon Gage
"At an important transition point for me, both in my career and with my new employer, I found significant benefit in the clear eyes and good counsel of my Vantage coach. His experience, sound judgment, and unequivocal support established him as a trusted advisor that I rely on to this day."
Weldon Gage // CFO, Texas Children’s Hospital

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