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Our High Performance Team Solutions® are designed to facilitate breakthrough performance. Proprietary online surveys are followed by feedback sessions and coaching to help teams become much more than the sum of their parts and, as a result, create a sustainable competitive advantage.

What makes a high performance team?

After extensive research, and drawing on our experience with countless teams across a broad range of settings, we have identified five dimensions that truly differentiate high performance teams:


Our customizable team development surveys measure performance against the model at three distinct levels:



Team Leader


Then, we gather input from relevant stakeholders outside the team to gather insight on how the team’s performance is viewed across the organization. The resulting reports and team debriefs provide a laser-focused assessment of the teams’ strengths and gaps, pointing to practical, actionable steps to take the team’s performance to the next level.

What makes Vantage’s High Performance Team Solutions unique?

  • Leadership Spotlight: Highlights the team leader’s impact and interactions with the team and its members, detecting immediate and insightful ways to add more value
  • Performance Focused: The tool looks at the what – rather than the who­ – that delivers exemplary team results
  • Smart Design: Participants rate all team members simultaneously so performance is better differentiated and response time is dramatically reduced

Benefits of our High Performance Team Solutions surveys:

  • Identifies simple improvements that drive exceptional performance
  • Provides a leadership metric – an indication of leadership strength that can be returned to later to gauge improvement
  • Sets the stage for team action planning and coaching

Looking to embed a High Performance Team model in your organizations? We also certify users to deliver the team development process internally.

Contact us to talk more about how we can help improve team performance.

Bruce Brda
"The HPT process was a very valuable exercise for our organization. It forced us to more directly address some key issues (e.g., alignment, structure) and identify the necessary solutions. Also, it forced us to be better teammates. Without exception, everyone on the team believes that HPT improved the team's overall performance."
Bruce Brda // Executive Vice President, Products & Services, Motorola Solutions, Inc
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