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Establishing A Leadership Model

In the face of constantly evolving markets, organizations need a clear understanding of their leadership requirements. Vantage can help you:

  • Clearly define your talent requirements
  • Consider the important business implications of meeting (or falling short) of these requirements
  • Create a compelling model that captures what great leadership looks like for your organization now and into the future

Once your model is refined and “owned,” it becomes an organizing framework for integrated talent management. Job candidates can be assessed to the model, incumbents measured against it, emerging executives coached to it, and teams aligned with it.

We can also help you leverage your company’s existing model by developing and implementing the following:

  • A rigorous process that engages your senior team in a thorough consideration of leadership issues, needs, and the relevance of your current Leadership Model
  • Internal communications to better introduce the Leadership Model and its ramifications to your organization
  • Tools, systems, and methods that build capability in those areas targeted by your model

Let’s talk about how we can help with establishing a leadership model or a success profile for your organization’s critical roles.

Ray McCaskey
"Over the years, Vantage has worked closely with us to raise the bar on talent. They have most significantly helped us evaluate and develop our ‘Next Generation of Leaders’. As a result of this partnership, we are much better positioned to make promotional decisions and fill important leadership roles within our organization."
Ray McCaskey // Former Chief Executive Officer Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois, Texas, New Mexico & Oklahoma

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