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Facilitation and Workshops

Sometimes it helps to have an outside professional plan and guide an important conversation. We have years of experience facilitating meetings of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Executive Retreats
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Advanced Leadership Conferences
  • Talent Reviews
  • Officer Forums
  • Staff Development Days
  • Town Hall Meetings

Our leadership allows you to participate rather than worry about facilitating these meetings, as we ensure that everyone is prepared, actively engaged, and clear about their follow-up responsibilities. We have the skill and flexibility to customize and work around whatever objective you might have – from fun and playful, to business and strategy.

We’ve facilitated hundreds of meetings over the years and always begin by asking the same question: “What are your needs and expectations?” From the vantage point of your successful outcome, we build a game plan for the time available, the unique audience attending, and any deliverable required. We often rely on a mix of presentation, small group work, exercises, and activities. If needed, we can draw on external resources to cover specific topics, and have worked with many extraordinary thought leaders in a variety of industries.

We would be happy to talk with you about your upcoming facilitation needs and how we can help.

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