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Retaining Top Talent

In order for your organization to thrive, it’s not enough to attract top talent – you have to keep them. In an increasingly competitive and uncertain business landscape, retaining high potentials and key performers means being able to build a reliable succession pipeline, create agile strategy based on a breadth and depth of organizational knowledge, and develop culture champions who will bring in even more top talent.


So: is your organization offering its leaders the developmental opportunities they need to thrive in their careers? And if so, how do you prevent your high potentials—or identified successor candidates—from becoming a flight risk? How can you ensure you’re selecting the right person for the job so the leader you onboard today doesn’t become a turnover cost tomorrow?


Vantage offers customizable workshops structured around our proprietary Accelerated Development Model. We facilitate a series of exercises and discussions geared toward helping leaders and organizations cultivate the uniquely symbiotic relationship required for both parties to achieve long-term success.


Accelerated Development Model - two teal circles in upper left- and right-hand quadrants, two orange circles in lower left- and right-hand quadrants, connected by looping arrows in teal and orange


ADM Working Sessions

  • Sessions can be conducted individually, in the style of an executive coaching engagement, or with multiple leaders in a workshop setting
  • Workshops can take place over the course of a full day or broken down into four 90-minute sessions at the cadence of your choosing
  • All sessions are facilitated by a Vantage executive coach
  • We start by taking stock of your reality—both needs and value proposition, for both leaders and the organization
  • All leaders walk away with an individualized development plan


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Are you looking to maximize the development for an entire cohort of high potentials? We encourage you to consider one of our Leadership Development programs.

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