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Expert coaching, next-level networking, and an opportunity to tap deep cross-functional knowledge—all in one service.

Developing leaders to reach their full potential is critical in today’s intensely competitive environment. Our seasoned coaches have advanced degrees in psychology and work with leaders from a wide range of roles and industries, both domestically and internationally. Our mission is to accelerate development and equip individuals with the skills needed to significantly improve business and financial results. Peer Coaching Groups build on this work with a structure designed for high potentials to learn not only from their Vantage Coach, but to leverage the collective knowledge and abilities of their peers.


Why Peer Coaching Groups?

Peer coaching groups are designed around the same philosophy we employ in our one-on-one executive coaching sessions while taking broader organizational dynamics into context. PCGs establish a forum for colleagues to get support with real issues they’re facing on the job, discuss obstacles and ideas with one another, build resiliency, and develop both interpersonal skills and systems thinking. PCGs break down silos and provide exposure to different challenges, priorities, and constraints of areas of the organization individuals might not otherwise be familiar with.


When Should You Choose Peer Coaching?

The effectiveness of Peer Coaching Groups is based in group therapy literature. Studies have shown group interventions can lead to greater behavior change because leaders are required to be vulnerable, state their intentions out loud, and make visible commitments. Peer coaching can be leveraged on its own or as an extension of a rigorous leadership development program, to maintain momentum on implementing action plans and pursuing identified goals.


What’s the Difference Between Peer Coaching and Team Services?

Our High Performance Team Solutions ® are designed to maximize the effectiveness of intact teams. Based on in-depth research, we have identified five dimensions of HPTs that we use to improve team performance through evaluation, feedback, action planning, and accountability. Peer coaching, on the other hand, is a way for leaders to expand both their networks and perspectives by connecting people across the organization, often from different business units.


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