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Professional and responsive at every level, and a genuine business partner in every interaction – this is at the heart of the way we do business.


Our clients share the core belief that competitive advantage comes from extraordinary leadership.

We start from the assumption that our customers have a deep understanding of their problems and strengths. We then elicit each customer’s best thinking and contribute our own, until together we find a solution – an assessment tool, a succession plan, a coaching model – that will add significant value to their organization.

Throughout an assignment, we evaluate progress to confirm we are on the right track. And at the close of each engagement, we review our work to determine its impact. This process ensures that our clients receive a full return on their investment with us.


Our mission is to add value that can only come through the careful tailoring of every project. We don’t offer “off the shelf” products or “quick fix” solutions. We understand that resiliency and adaptability are essentials – for both businesses and the consultants who support them.

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Vantage is privileged to work with some of the world’s most innovative and successful businesses. We consult across diverse industries, from manufacturing & utilities to education & healthcare. Large or small, public or private, Vantage strives to ensure that our clients have the right people with the right talent to drive their business strategy.

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Whirlpool logo

Jeff Fettig

Former CEO & Chairman, Whirlpool Corporation

“The Board of Directors of the Whirlpool Corporation has found Vantage Leadership Consulting to be an excellent partner for our self-assessment process. Professional in their interviews and objective in their analysis, Vantage has helped facilitate robust Board discussions on important issues, providing clear and actionable recommendations which we have implemented. “

Motorola logo

Greg Brown

CEO & Chairman, Motorola Solutions

“Vantage Leadership Consulting has been invaluable in supporting our efforts at Succession Planning and Leadership Development. They have provided Motorola Solutions excellent Assessment and Executive Coaching services, and they are trusted advisers to me and our Executive Committee regarding the Succession process. I strongly recommend them as a partner for this very important work. “

mcdonalds logo

Tory Wozny

Senior Director, Human Resources, McDonald’s

“Vantage has been a terrific partner in creating greater insight into the strengths and key development opportunities for our Operations Leaders. They helped us determine the best approach for meeting our objectives, offering both virtual and in-person assessments, and remained flexible and responsive throughout the engagement. Our executives all had positive experiences and found that the subsequent development planning and coaching enhanced alignment with their reporting executives. “

Exelon logo

Amy Best

Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Exelon Corporation

“At Exelon, making the right calls on hiring and promoting Front Line Supervisors is critically important to the success of our business. For over 10 years, the rigor and care with which Vantage has evaluated supervisor candidates in their comprehensive assessment centers, and coached new hires to address their development priorities, has been invaluable to us.”

pscu logo

Lynn Heckler

Chief Talent Officer, PSCU

“When working with Vantage, it’s clear that they are vested in the same outcomes that we are. That feeling of a shared goal truly goes a long way. During the process of assessing and developing our CEO successor candidates, Vantage took the time to build a trusted partnership with our executive team, and they brought a personal touch in their 360 assessment solutions; their feedback is holistic, personalized for the learner, and tailored in a way that promotes growth and development. This really sets them apart.”

childrens wisconsin logo

Peggy Troy

President and CEO, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

“Children’s is committed to making Wisconsin kids the healthiest in the nation. This mission requires extraordinary leadership, and Vantage has proven to be a trusted and valued partner in our quest. From executive coaching and succession planning to senior team development, they have consistently stepped up and delivered when we’ve needed them.”

amcor logo

Mike Bieringer

Global Vice President of Human Resources & Safety, Amcor Rigid Packaging USA

“For over ten years, Vantage has worked closely with our organization to execute customized development programs designed to accelerate our high potentials, and embed organizational capability around talent management. At Amcor Rigid Plastics, we place high value on strong leaders to maintain competitive advantage in our rapidly changing market. Vantage has been a great partner in preparing our top leaders and assessing our leadership pipeline so we can respond with confidence to these challenges.”

by logo

Girish Rishi

Chief Executive Officer, Blue Yonder

“Targeted and impactful team assessment, leadership development and executive coaching. There are firms that do that….and then there is Vantage.”

MITRE logo

Alfred Grasso

Former President & CEO, the Mitre Corporation

“We have come to rely upon Vantage Leadership Consulting’s unique insights as part of our executive selection and development process. They have proven over and over again an ability to identify leadership talent and a roadmap to success.”

Dwyer logo

Thomas L. Alexander

Director of Human Resources, Dwyer Instruments

“Vantage has been instrumental in helping us shape the right talent strategy to successfully drive our business strategy. In addition to helping us reliably assess candidates to fill key roles for our organization, they have assisted us in building a robust talent management system that aligns specific talent development with our corporate strategy and succession planning.”

shure logo

Chris Schyvinck

CEO, Shure Incorporated

“Over the past 15 years, Vantage has been a terrific partner to Shure for selecting and developing our people. They take the time to understand our culture and the types of leaders we need: now and in the future. They use these same insights in their executive and team coaching to help our leaders and management teams be better prepared to take on greater responsibility”

texas children hospital logo

Weldon Gage

CFO, Texas Children’s Hospital

“At an important transition point for me, both in my career and with my new employer, I found significant benefit in the clear eyes and good counsel of my Vantage coach. His experience, sound judgment, and unequivocal support established him as a trusted advisor that I rely on to this day.”

Deltak logo

Greg Finklestein

Former Managing Director, Deltak

“Deltak attributes a great deal of our success to our ability to select and retain top talent across the country. Vantage Leadership has been a strategic human capital consulting partner for us through the last decade and has provided a range of services from candidate review and testing to individual professional development for top leaders to underpinning our Leadership Institute. Vantage has been top notch and honestly focused more on our organizational success than merely “getting their job done”.”

Federal-Reserve logo

Ellen Bromagen

First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

“Navigating the complexities of the Federal Reserve System is no easy task for an outside consultancy. For over two decades now, Vantage has directly supported the accelerated development of our key leaders.”

Northwestern university logo

Paul L. Corona, MBA EDD

Clinical Associate Professor of Leadership, Architectures of Collaboration, Northwestern University

“Vantage has been a valued partner of Northwestern University for over 25 years. Through leadership and management education as well as individual coaching, their expertise has helped us accelerate the development and performance of countless members of the Northwestern community. We really appreciate Vantage’s expertise and flexibility.”

IFYC logo

Eboo Patel

Founder and President, IFYC

“I run a nonprofit organization that has grown from running local projects with a $100,000 budget to a national organization with an $8 million budget. There have been many challenging transitions along the way, and the Vantage team has helped us navigate virtually all of them. I love working with Vantage because they understand both the unique challenges faced by organizational leaders, and the legitimate needs of rank-and-file staff. They bring a wealth of stories from a range of experiences, listen better than just about anybody I’ve met and are TOTALLY COMMITTED to helping your organization thrive.”

Steel-Dynamics logo

Mark Millett

President and Chief Executive Officer, Steel Dynamics

“As Steel Dynamics has grown and matured, we’ve required a more comprehensive and objective view of our leadership talent. Vantage provides us with this valuable perspective, sometimes confirming what we already thought, but often shedding fresh insight. They know our people, our culture and our ambitions – all essential elements to their unique ability to contribute to our succession and developmental planning.”

reserve-bank-of-chicago-small logo

Jerry Guinane

Vice President of Human Resources, Swedish American Health System

“Vantage’s Master Assessor Program (MAP) has improved our ability to objectively assess candidates for hire and individuals we are considering for promotion. We have embedded superior assessment capability within our Human Resources management team and our recruitment group. Consequently, we have strengthened our talent identification skills and our ability to hire the caliber of leadership needed to achieve our strategic objectives. “


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