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Team Coaching and Development

Whether used in conjunction with our team assessment survey or as a stand-alone solution, our Team Coaching asks a team to reflect honestly on how it is functioning and helps create an action plan to take the team to the next level.

The leader and members of the team are challenged to be at their best as they make real business decisions, formulate and implement plans more effectively, and hold one another accountable for results. We assist the team in finding a path that allows them to work together across organizational boundaries.

When can Team Coaching make a difference?

  • When a team’s performance is critical to the life of the business
  • When a team takes on a new challenge
  • When there has been a significant change in personnel
  • Following a crisis or major organizational change

Contact us to learn more about how we can customize a team solution for your organization.

William Von Hoene
"As a direct result of working with Vantage, our management team is operating with greater self insight about what is required for achieving extraordinary performance. We have increased our commitment to demonstrating the degree of internal cohesion and enterprise engagement that is required to take our collective performance to the next level. I strongly recommend Vantage and their model for working with teams."
William Von Hoene // Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Exelon Corporation