One of the most important talent decisions for any organization is selecting the right front-line leaders. Through our work with a vast array of clients we have identified some best practices that we hope can help your company with this critical process. Let us know what you think.

Use a custom tailored simulation that closely matches relevant challenges, responsibilities, and competencies for your company and industry:

* Maximizes the accuracy of decisions and recommendations
* Promotes more widespread acceptance of results
* Participants view experience as a fair means to showcase their abilities
* Participants embrace the feedback they receive on their performance
* Participants feel that they are better prepared for training and integration

Conduct research to:

* Confirm accuracy / validity of recommendations
* Monitor potential adverse impact
* Alert management to strengths / developmental gaps within the workforce
* Determine where increased training and development is needed
* Establish a normative database (organization/industry)
* Track people’s reactions to assessment (e.g., useful, fair, realistic)

Include these additional practices:

* Seasoned and rigorously managed assessor team
* Continuous improvement (to reflect job, industry, workforce changes, etc.)
* Aligned with the organization’s HR and People practices
* Provide new hires & incumbents with developmental / career feedback)
* Consider one standardized, enterprise-wide selection process
* Track frequency of recommendations on a quarterly basis