Vantage Leadership Consulting Taking SIOP 2022 By Storm

Firm Showcasing Expertise with 16 Presenter, Panelist, & Author Engagements at This Year’s Annual Conference

April 18, 2022 – Chicago, IL – Vantage Leadership Consulting, the expert in identifying and developing world-class leaders for clients globally, is proud to announce the firm was selected to fill 16 speaking and author spots at this year’s Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) conference in Seattle, WA on April 28 and 29.

“The variety and expanse of topics upon which our consultants will be sharing insights speak to the immense breadth and expertise of our firm,” says Keith Goudy, managing partner. “Vantage looks forward to networking with other consulting professionals, sharing behavioral psychology insights, and presenting innovative research at SIOP this year.”

Vantage’s industry experts will speak on a number of different topics as both presenters and panelists. Below are discussion topics, links to biographies of Vantage participants, and logistics to join the firm’s consultants at this year’s SIOP conference.

Special Events

SIOP’s Ambassador Program: over 500 participants, three events (Co-chairs: Stefanie MocklerCatherine Savage)

The SIOP Annual Conference is, without a doubt, an overwhelming experience, particularly for those who are new to the event and aren’t quite sure where to start or how to make the most of the experience and the opportunities it offers. Since 2010, the SIOP Ambassador Program has sought to make the experience for conference newcomers less overwhelming by connecting our newest attendees with previous, and often seasoned, conference goers who are willing to provide advice and insight, share what they’ve learned, and serve as a mentor through the conference.

Thursday, April 28

Community of Interest: 10:30 a.m. ZOOM – Community of Interest: Coaching’s Impact on I-O (Presenter: Eileen Linnabery)

As the use of executive coaching continues to rise and organizations invest a significant amount of money in this developmental strategy, rigorous research on the coaching process and outcomes remains scarce. This leads to important questions around evaluating the efficacy of coaching (e.g., behavioral outcomes), how coaching fits into employee development, and the construct space of key terms in the coaching field (e.g., coachability). This session will also explore how attendees can work coaching into an I-O career and how coaching skills help in other I-O related practices.

Panel: 12:00 p.m. Room 613-614 – Real World: Seattle (I-O Edition) (Panelist: Eileen Linnabery)

A trained I-O psychologist’s mission is to apply science to improve the well-being and performance of people and the organizations employing them. However, the roles within organizations often require going beyond traditional I-O work, and psychologists must rely on the skillsets underlying expertise, such as critical thinking, synthesizing research, and understanding study design and statistics. Authors utilize and apply these across a variety of situations to overcome organizational challenges, excel as employees, and drive organizational performance.

Alternative Presentation 1:00 p.m. Ballroom 6A – Leadership Coaching Curveballs: What Would You Do? (Presenters: Keith GoudyDave Sowinski)

This alternative session will provide attendees an opportunity to learn from four coaching case studies, each of which describes a circumstance where the coach faced a challenging choice. This interactive session will enable an intermediate or advanced audience to engage with the question: “What should a coach do when faced with the unexpected?” These highly experienced coaches (each with 20+ years coaching leaders) will reveal the choices they made in the moment as well as the positive or negative consequences of those decisions.

 Friday, April 29

Symposium: 9:00 a.m. Room 612 – Moving Humor Research Forward: Experimental Design and Unique Populations (Presenter: Melissa Vazquez)

Four papers provide insight into the role that humor plays in our everyday lives, clarity on confusing humor types, and exploration of specific work contexts where the need for stress relief or team cohesion are particularly high. Three experimental designs and one coding of qualitative interactions provide a thorough exploration of the impact of humor in a range of contexts. The discussant will then provide individual comments, as well as general commentary on the state of humor in the workplace research and practice, inviting dialogue with the audience.

Poster 12:00 p.m. Exhibit hall 4B – Exploring Unique Experiences and Traits Among Black and Female Leaders (Presenters/Co-authors: Amanda BellMelissa Vazquez; Co-author:Lexi Redmond)

Authors explored group differences on measures of personality related to social and cultural experiences for underrepresented leaders. Black women are more confident on a personality measure of assertion, and authors posit that it is a vital leadership strength that results from unique experiences. Also, high potential leaders in the sample demonstrated higher adaptability and risk tolerance.

Poster 12:00 p.m. Exhibit Hall 4B – Moving the Needle: The Impact of Inclusive Leadership on Behaviors and Experiences (Co-author: Lexi Redmond)

There is a lack of research on whether inclusive leadership (IL) truly moves the needle for fostering inclusivity, especially for those in historically marginalized groups. Using a multi-wave study, results support the influence of IL on outcomes that likely uphold (allyship, antiracism) and represent (workgroup inclusion, authenticity) workplace inclusion while also demonstrating support for IL’s indirect effects on outcomes that may be disproportionately high (emotional exhaustion) and low (empowerment) for members of historically marginalized groups.

Symposium: 2:30 p.m. Room 609 – The Current State of Women in Leadership: A Story of Barriers and Bias (Presenters: Stefanie MocklerMelissa Vazquez)

With the increased focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, companies must continue to measure the progress in areas where inequalities exist. This symposium takes a deep dive into one of these areas: the current barriers women face in leadership roles. Topics include gender biases and developmental support differences experienced by female leaders today. Implications and recommendations are discussed.

Special event: 2:30 p.m. Ballroom 6A – Invited: Facilitated Discussion of the Challenges Facing the Field of I-O (Facilitator: Eileen Linnabery)

The changing world of work requires I-O psychologists to identify new and different solutions to complex problems, and to engage in collaborative dialogue around the field’s most pressing problems as decided by attendees. This includes employing design thinking methodology to explore issues in different ways and consider new possibilities. This session will allow attendees to connect with colleagues who are focused on similar issues, test design thinking tools for addressing workplace challenges, and hear diverse perspectives.

Panel: 4:00 p.m. Room 607 – Defining, Identifying, and Developing Coachability Across Organizational Contexts (Panelists: Eileen LinnaberyAmanda Bell)

Coaching gained wide appeal as a performance intervention across contexts to facilitate sustained change and employee growth. Of chief importance to the success of coaching interventions is the coachee’s coachability. Maximizing coachability has been shown as an effective method for improving the effectiveness of coaching interactions and interventions. This panel will present insights from practitioners about the importance of coachability, how to evaluate and develop it, and practical tips for coaching effectiveness. This panel is for intermediate practitioners.

Despite the pandemic’s negative impacts on the global economy, Vantage continues to experience significant growth. Last month, the firm announced the hiring of Sara Nelson to lead its marketing efforts. She represented the sixth high-level personnel decision for Vantage in the last three years. In April 2021, the firm named Beau River to the partnership group; Eileen Linnabery and Stefanie Mockler were promoted at the beginning of 2021 to practice leader, new products for client success and practice leader, leadership development solutions, respectively. Other recent additions include Mary Becker, formerly of Lee Hecht Harrison, who joined the Vantage network as client partner, business development in May 2020, and David Binkley, former chief human resources officer at Whirlpool, who was named a senior advisor to the firm in September 2019.



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